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Newquay football golf
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Newquay football golf

Welcome to the world of WAX, where three incredible venues in Newquay await to cater to your diverse needs and desires.

WAX Bar and Kitchen at Watergate Bay offers a captivating dining experience with breathtaking views of the iconic bay. Indulge in our delectable fresh cooked food and sip on delicious beverages while immersing yourself in the beauty of the surroundings.

At WAX Activity Bar in Newquay, the thrill seekers among you will find an array of exciting experiences. Test your precision with interactive darts, engage in heart-pounding axe throwing, and dive into captivating escape rooms that will challenge your problem-solving skills.

For fitness enthusiasts, WAX Gym is your ultimate destination. Our brand new, expansive complex in Newquay boasts state-of-the-art facilities including a class studio, spin studio, sports hall, indoor rock climbing, shooting range, rugby fields, and more. After an invigorating workout, unwind at our sports bar or utilize our versatile meeting space.

Discover the extraordinary world of WAX across our three venues and let us provide you with unforgettable experiences, delectable cuisine, thrilling activities, and top-notch fitness facilities. Embrace the excitement, adventure, and enjoyment that await you at WAX!


WAX Watergate

WAX Bar and Kitchen offers you a chance to experience amazing fresh cooked food and delicious beverages while overlooking the iconic Watergate bay.


WAX Newquay Activity Bar

WAX Activity bar offers Interactive darts, Axe throwing and Escape rooms. Our bar is open all day every day, enjoy some delicious beverages as you enjoy our activities.

Enjoy a range of Cornish Lagers, Unique cocktails or get stuck in to a back bar overflowing with unique spirits and mixers.


WAX Gym 

The home of WAX Gym, a brand new large gym complex in Newquay. Facilities include a brand new class studio, spin studio, sports hall, indoor rock climbing, rugby fields, sports bar, meeting space and more.

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